HRV - Messung, Analyse und Auswertung der Herzratenvariabilität

Is my therapy really working? How does my body react to stress, medication or new nutritional supplements? Can I train intensively today, or do I need more regeneration time?

HRV Analysis provides direct answers to these and many other questions

iHRV-SOFTWARE für das iPhone

Download the app free of charge. With the help of pre-installed sample measurements you can get to know graphics, evaluations and the print layout. You can only carry out your own measurements with a Bluetooth chest strap after taking out a subscription (incl. 3 days trial time).


HRV Analysis: Measure what is really going on in the body (inner mirror) and recognize early when stress becomes permanent stress. A professional software for iOS and Android – for health-conscious people, people in leading positions, for employee prevention, therapy control, as well as for amateur and professional athletes as training control.

Heart rate variability (HRV) measures the time intervals from heartbeat to heartbeat in milliseconds. With a chest strap, you can measure the variability of the time intervals yourself with ECG accuracy. The analysis and interpretation of HRV provides important data on the state of health: the more variable the heartbeat, the healthier the organism.

HRV Analyse - Dauerstress - Sympathikus erhöht

HRV Analysis: The app provides all important HRV parameters
in a simple and understandable graphical presentation

  • Heart rate (HR)
  • Stress Index (SI)
  • Relaxation index (RI)

With a resolution of one millisecond, the intervals from heartbeat to heartbeat (RR intervals) are transmitted to the app using a Bluetooth chest strap (e.g. Sigma R1 and others). The following are available for selection: Short-term measurement with 260 RR intervals (approx. 4 minutes) and normal measurement with 520 RR intervals (approx. 8 minutes).


For people who want to regularly check how their body reacts to everyday stress and challenges, as a stress load check, for medication and therapy control, as a progress check. For fitness enthusiasts, hobby athletes and professionals to monitor their stress and regeneration capacity with individual and personal norm values. Optimal and more efficient for training control – completely without lactate measurements.


  • Measurement of RR intervals with 1ms resolution
  • General standard values with traffic light colours based on scientifically founded large HRV studies
  • 3 fixed and 1 flexible measurement profile for measurement and evaluation of family members or friends
  • Normal athlete norm values and additionally individual norm value calculation for individual training control and monitoring of “overtraining”
  • Data transfer with Bluetooth chest strap – not part of the subscription, has to be purchased separately
  • Developed and optimized for iPhones from iOS 13, Android smartphones from Android 5.0 Lollipop, API Level 21
  • Software in English and German. Coming soon: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech. Other languages in preparation
  • Validation by scientific HRV reference software
  • Data export as CVS file possible (direct import into Kubios HRV)
  • Automatic creation of various PDF print layouts and sending by e-mail
  • Export and sending of PDF evaluation to separate e-mail address possible

HRV Analysis is available in the Apple App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android). Various sample measurements are integrated during the initial installation to get to know graphics, evaluations and the print layout.

As an in-app purchase, it is possible to switch from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription. The monthly subscription costs 29.99 euros. With the annual subscription, you only have to pay for 9 months – so you save 89.89 euros (annual price: 269.99 euros instead of 359.88 euros).


Sigma R1 Bluetooth® Chest Strap

In our experience, the Sigma R1 Bluetooth chest strap has been the most reliable in daily use for years. Other Bluetooth chest straps with Bluetooth standard 4.0 and higher should also work.

Available on Amazon –>Show Chest Strap

Other alternative chest straps with Bluetooth 4.0 transmission standard

  • Sigma R1 Duo: Link
  • CooSpo H6M: – Link
  • SmartLAB hrm: – Link