HRV-Analysis: performing a measurement – conditions

HRV measurement: how it works

HRV measurement should be performed at rest and relaxation. The analysis and evaluation is only as good as the data collected and measured at rest. Movements during the measurement, coughing or talking, but also thoughts of unpleasant situations, listening to incoming phone calls, ringing and other alert tones, etc. put the body under stress for a short time and are taken into account in the calculation and evaluation.

Find a quiet place – if possible without TV, radio, music, telephones or other noises in the vicinity. Switch your phone / tablet to flight mode for the duration of the measurement and activate Bluetooth so that the measurement data can be received by the chest strap.

Ensure a equal environment and conditions

You can perform the measurement sitting or lying down – as you like and feel comfortable. To make several measurements comparable with each other in the long run, the measurement conditions should always be identical or under similar conditions. You can close or keep your eyes open during the measurement.

Relax, breathe normally and try not to think about anything for the 4 to 8 minutes. Before you start the measurement, you can observe your pulse. Start the measurement when you feel that you are calm and relaxed.

At the end of the measurement, you will hear a discreet beep indicating that the measurement is over. The overview of the main parameters of the HRV analysis is displayed automatically.

In this short video (coming soon!) we show you all the important functions, display, evaluation and export options.

In the future, more videos on specific topics will be published to go into various details of measurements and evaluations. Detailed information about heart rate variability, the scientific background, measurement parameters and presentations can be found in our videos here (coming soon).