HRV - Messung, Analyse und Auswertung der Herzratenvariabilität

Overview of the functions of HRV analysis

Below you will find the most important functions of the HRV-Analysis app. The software is constantly being developed further, whereby we place the highest value on scientifically valid information that is meaningful for the user.


Presentation of the main HRV parameters and graphical presentation of RR intervals (intervals from heartbeat to heartbeat):

  • Heart rate HF (average heart rate)
  • Stress index SI (sympathetic = stress/tension)
  • Rest index RI (parasympathetic = relaxation/regeneration)
  • Rhythmogram
  • Histogram
  • Scatter diagram

Overview of all measurements – Selection of standard values for:

  • Standard
  • Athletes
  • Individual standard values for competitive athletes

Selection of a profile with the saved measurements – Perform new measurement and set parameters / can be changed later

New measurement: Select 260 / 520 RR intervals, sitting or lying – Select type of measurement.

New measurement: selection of current subjective well-being (WB) – start new measurement.

New measurement: progress of the current RR intervals / % indication

Easy to use

Automatic back-up function and encrypted upload to iDrive.
(iDrive must be activated in the Apple ID account) – important in case of smartphone loss – and easy restoring of the selected last backup

Automatic correction for measurement errors and artifacts

Software in English and German
Later: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Czech.
More languages planned

Data transfer with Bluetooth chest strap   
Chest strap at least 4.0 must be purchased separately and is not part of the app. Our recommendation: Sigma R1 or similar Bluetooth chest straps.


Defined standard values according to scientific criteria (HRV studies)

Scientifically based and accurate calculation formulas validated with Kubios HRV

Measurement of RR intervals with 1ms resolution

Export / Output

PDF print layouts are automatically generated and can be sent by e-mail

Data export as CVS file ,in order to be able to carry out further scientific evaluations
(direct import into Kubios HRV)